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PETER HANMER - Guitarist Peter started playing guitar in the hard rock band Boss in 1980. The band later changed its name to Street Talk and played a mixture of original material as well as covers. In 1983 he recorded an album of original material under the name of Off The Edge. Between 1984 and 2004, Peter recorded and produced a further 4 albums, with Clint as the front man on the fourth album “Site Under Construction”. He hopes to release a fifth Off The Edge album in the not too distant future. Peter has been a member of Clint & Co. since 2004. He runs a production studio called Foxglove Studios and has been responsible for producing and recording all Clint’s albums amongst many other recording projects. Peter has produced and recorded three solo intrumental albums. For further information about Peter and his albums, go to www.peterhanmer.co.za
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LARRY ROSE - Drummer At the age of 18, Larry Rose already had a successful drum school in the Arts Centre in Durban. He taught drums for 4 years and played with various professional bands as well as backing well known country artists such as Bobby Angel, Gene Rockwell, Clive Bruce, Barbara Ray etc. Larry later joined Hotline, which was then the biggest band in South Africa. He was with with the band for 8 years when it split. Larry then taught at The Performing Arts Workshop in Johannesburg until he joined another successful band, Cinema, for a period of 5 years. Cinema had hits like “My Kinda Girl” and “Inside and Out”. Larry joined Clint & Co. in 2009. He is also a session drummer and continues to teach at The National School of The Arts in Johannesburg.
DEVAN DE KOCK - Sound Engineer/Roadie Young up and coming muso Devan de Kock has joined us as our sound engineer. His youth and talent has been greatly welcomed by us senior members.
RENE MABOTHA - Female Vocalist Rene achieved her Musical Theatre National Diploma in 2001 and has been singing and dancing in high profile performances ever since. She has travelled extensively and spent 3 years performing in Europe. She appeared in Joe Theron’s Rocky Horror Show, Deon Opperman’s African Queens and Richard Loring’s Midnight Hour to name but a few. Rene’s involvement with Clint & Co. over the years has been wide-ranging and includes performances as lead female vocalist and dancer in Midnight Hour at Theatre of Marcellus, Emperors Palace, Thunderstruck at The Globe Theatre, Gold Reef City and currently Travelling Band at the Barnyard Theatre. Rene also runs a school of performing arts.


“I believe that I facilitate healing through the medium of music,” says Clint, “I am passionately connected to music and performance… it is my calling.” After 15 years in the pubs and clubs and almost as many years in the supper theatres, casinos and show venues, Clint has uniquely built a business outside the mainstream music industry where he and his band enjoy great support from the motorcycle and boxing industries. He is also a licensed Ring Announcer in the Boxing world and regularly works for Uncle Jeff Ellis’ African Ring and Rodney Berman’s Golden Gloves. Clint’s connection to Boxing has taken him to Monaco in the South of France several times where he has sung the South African National Anthem in the ring before various World Title fights enabling him to meet and socialise with the Prince and Princess of Monaco. Not only is Clint successful as an entertainer and songwriter, but he has also written a fictional novel and produced and directed a movie called Universal Language, which documents his various motorcycle and musical exploits. His Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute has rocked sell out audiences at most supper theatre venues, from all the Barnyard Theatres to Richard Loring’s Sound Stage.To date they have performed over 600 CCR Tribute shows. From this success, Clint and his immensely competent band comprising Dawid Visser on bass, Larry Rose on drums and Peter Hanmer on guitar, have enjoyed several runs at top casinos. With Clint’s production “The Midnight Hour” they packed Richard Loring’s Sound Stage in 2007 / 2008, 7 shows a week for close on 6 months. This is an amazing achievement for any artist. The band has toured Zimbabwe several times, they have rocked Maputo and Swaziland, toured Cape Town and the Garden Route with huge success, done a myriad of corporate events from the V & A Waterfront to the Sun City Superbowl. Two DVD’s and eighteen albums later, Clint still feels like this is only the beginning. After the big success he had with the hit song Cry Baby Cry some 20 years ago, Clint says it’s time for global number 1 hit! “I am deeply spiritual with a huge connection to Mom Nature. I believe in the teachings of Christ and know that music is an incredible healer. I advocate authentic, honest songwriting and steer away from the commercial, manufactured, pop industry. Like any self respecting rock star in training, I am here to heal the world one song at a time.” Clint says with a big smile! “Ultimately, Cunningham’s mission to create great rock music in the name of fun, is a refreshing change in a world of pop idols and posturing. With boy bands and wannabe singers dominating our air waves, Cunningham and his sidekicks are emerging as one of the few real-deal, no frills bands on the local music scene.” Peter Van Der Merwe, The Star. A passionate and wonderful entertainer with a massive voice, Clint is here to stay!
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DAWID VISSER - Bass Player Dawid joined Clint & Co. in 2011 and is the newest member of the band. Dawid has 25 years experience in the music and entertainment industry and has performed with well known South African groups such as Alter Irving. He is also an accomplished vocalist and has played and recorded all styles of music. Dawid has a wicked sense of humour and shows this off as a solo artist doing mime acts, stiltwalking and comedy shows, entertaining corporate and young audiences all over South Africa. He was also involved in many other theatre shows like “feeling Groovy”, “The Eagles”, “Scribble” and “Stage Fright”.